Road To Redemption

by Fenetik

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Road To Redemption is my 3rd official project and 1st EP. This is my most honest and personal collection of work. It's about my struggle to break through the lack of support with music I felt in my early years, which led to me doubting my own abilities.

Road To Redemption is about realizing you can't lose your identity amidst the watchful and sometimes critical eyes of others.

It's about realizing that in trying to prove yourself to others, you ultimately have to prove to yourself you are what you believe yourself to be.

It's about finding your voice and redeeming yourself.

This project was over 2 years in the making. I worked on it on and off as inspiration came and went, and also had a derailment when my place was looted and the robber stole my computer--taking a lot of my sweat and heart in the process.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in one way or another, and not supported me in one way or another. And thank you to every artist who has inspired me. None of this happens without you.


released April 24, 2015

Thank you to the following Soundcloud users for letting me use your beats:

Mosaik Beats: Redemption
PreetBeats: The Game, and Aggressive
Jeff Thomason: Sweat (Don't Stop)
Mats Stoen: Life Is A House
Zay Rock: Pipe Bomb

Additional credit goes to Kasabian, whose song "Club Foot" is the backing track on Say I Want You, and to Florence & The Machine, whose song Hospital Beds was sampled and covered for Interlude.

Thank you to Nivethan Sethupathi for playing that cover.

Additional credit to Harley Eblen for my interview on his podcast, "People Who Matter, episode 14". A snippet from this interview is included in Redemption.

Credit to WWE and the June 27, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw. A snippet from a segment featuring CM Punk is used in Pipe Bomb.

Also credit to the film Dumb & Dumber. A snippet from the movie is used in Sweat (Don't Stop).

Lastly, all credit and thank you's for the album artwork photography and design to Martin McGovern. for more.